The different types of scholarships for Indian students in Canada

scholarships for Indian students in Canada

Indian students and Higher education

The government and private educational institutions are offering a wide range of courses under many disciplines. Likewise, community colleges offer diploma programs in vocational education.  The lion’s share of the courses can be studied with the aid of scholarships.

India is an important strategic partner of Canada in education and skills development. Education plays an important role in the future prosperity of both nations. Getting a quality education is an achievable goal if you have accurate information. 

The eligibility and the selection depended upon several attributes and your area of interestS. So, let us dig in detail different scholarship programs. It is up to you to select the one for your requirements. 

How to get scholarship in Canada for Indian students?

It is true that scholarships are available for international students and getting them to depend upon your merit and skill set. Also, you need to have sufficient fund to meet the living expenses as well as augment the scholarship. Like any other international student, you have to undergo the required entrance examination to the specified course if any. You also need to have English language proficiency to get admission. 

Scholarships for Indian Students

Top scholarships to study in Canada are diverse and endless. Students select Canada as their research or study destination. Many Canadian universities and colleges offer special scholarships for Indian students. Studying with a scholarship does not have exempt you from other restrictions.

1.Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

Vanier Canada graduate scholarship named in the memory of Major General Georges P. Vanier. The scholarship is intended to attract doctoral students across the globe. The student must have academic excellence, research potential and leadership. Besides, they must be referred by a Canadian institute. The area of research of scholarship is natural sciences, engineering, social sciences and health research.  

2.University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship

The scholarship is offered to international students of masters and PhD course. Students from all streams can apply for it. To attain the scholarship, one must have the supreme intellectual capability as well as academic excellence. They must have a GPA of 3.0  or higher to get this scholarship.  When selected candidate is informed through official mail.  UMGF supports a student for five years. That is for sixty months. Generally, the application starts in January. 

3.Ontario Graduate Scholarship

          The OGS program attracts many international students. A full-time graduate degree students can go for it. It is awarded for 5 candidates per annum. The amount of scholarship is CAD 15000 can be used for tuition fees. 

4.Assist on scholarship

The scholarship can be accessed by international students. Academic excellence is a major key point and the applicant must be admitted for a diploma or certificate program. George brown college award this scholarship and it is worth CAD 1000. 

5.Lester B. Pearson International Program

The artistic aptitude of students recognized and appreciated through this scholarship. Your leadership quality and academic excellence are mandatory to apply for this scholarship. 

To apply for this scholarship, you must enroll as an international secondary student and work permit.  The application starts from August to November and awarded by Toronto University.

These are some of the major scholarships offered by colleges and universities in Canada for international students. To apply for these scholarships, certain characteristics have to be met. Having academic excellence and financial freedom enable you to pursue an overseas dream of higher studies. Fetching a doctorate or masters with a scholarship is indeed a pride achievement for you and your loved ones. 

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