Do these Canada student visa myths still perplex you?

canada student visa

Are you an enthusiastic student who dreams about studying in Canada? If so, there is no doubt why your eyeball hit the above question. It is indeed a great decision to pursue your dreams in a land where economic and human development index rank higher. The flood of online and offline information often confuse you leaving many doubts. And therefore, the best way to avoid myths about Canada student visa is to learn about the actual information.

Canada is one of the best abroad study destinations for a world-class education. The huge diversity and prestigious education system attract lakhs of students every year. A variety of programmes are available in different disciplines. Apart from science, business studies and humanities students enrol other programmes like technical courses. Though, a lion’s share of students hesitates to leap forward because of the false information they have.

Misinformation can harm your dreams!

Myths and petty pieces of information can harm your overseas dreams. The golden opportunity of international learning experience may be lost in the quest for information. A better lifestyle is what you will miss. Before wrapping yourself into this world of information, make sure you recognize the source of information. So, the chances for myths will be less. To have facts, you must be a little vigilant. Let us now learn the most debated myths about the student visa in Canada.

The higher Tuition fees

Tuition fees in various universities differ depending on many factors such as course, its duration… Canada offers low tuition fees for courses in public universities. These courses generally comprise bachelor’s, masters and doctorate degrees. The unique education system promises affordable tuition fees for international students. When you apply for courses in a private university, the tuition fee will be comparatively higher. The myth of higher tuition fees should not prevent you from applying for the desired course. Top-quality education is a guaranteed reality without higher tuition fees across Canada.

The unaffordable cost of living

When you apply for a student permit, you can expect the cost of living in Canada as a student. Accordingly, your food and accommodation can be selected. You must understand that the cost of living will be higher compared to your native country. But you can afford it by choosing accommodations provided by the respective university. The students can get many concessions in various places. Moreover, you can work along with your studies. Part-time work can help you to get experience as well as economic stability.

The proficiency in French is compulsory

All programmes in universities are taught in English and therefore knowing French is not a compulsory criterion. You should prove your efficiency in English by taking a test like TOEFL or IELTS. But there is no test for french proficiency in order to get a student visa. However, your knowledge in French may be helpful for you.

Getting a study permit is difficult

As a foreign national, it is important to have the study permit with you. But that does not mean that getting one is difficult. The Canada Government have fair procedures to apply for a study permit. By following each step help you to get a student visa. You can either apply online or by going to a visa application centre. Generally, the work permit can take up to three months. Study in Canada is a dream you can acquire with clear cut instructions from us.

The extreme cold

Canada is the second-largest country in the world and its climate is not only about winter. The diverse landscape experiences four seasons. Moderate temperatures make the living much easier. Sunny summers are part of Canada’s climate despite cold weather. Highly populated regions around the US border enjoy moderate temperatures than other places.

For years back, obtaining international education seem unreachable. The world has changed and today anyone who wishes to study abroad can go for it. With the right professional guidance and systematic application procedures, your overseas dreams become a reality. We, at NovaEdu, takes all responsibilities regarding the student visa process and tailor-make each step for you. We are confident that now you can see the facts and walk towards your academic dreams fearlessly.