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We, NovaEdu, the tremendously growing authoritative education consultancy focus on giving impeccable academic guidance for prospective students to take up their academic life in the acclaimed Canadian universities and colleges. Join NovaEdu as a franchise owner and build successful business owing to our reputation that helps you make difference in our society.

Guaranteed Growth

To be the part of NovaEdu is the best ever business decision you could ever make which is not only entitled to bring in success but also to enhance the overseas educational sector in our country. It all begins with formulating a successful franchise strategy of growth and commitment.

Why NovaEdu?

With the trust and credential owned by NovaEdu, one can easily establish their business for a successful future. Being a part of NovaEdu guarantees a greater relationship between the business and international institutions. Since NovaEdu is an established firm with expertise and specialization in educational counseling and emigration, there is a never-ending growth that takes place as year by year the number of students pursuing international education keeps incrementing. Being a part and parcel of NovaEdu gives you the best opportunities to be involved in the global market and to share ideas and innovations of international standards with the educational instructors and leaders.
It all begins with formulating a successful franchise strategy of growth and commitment.

  • Building a relationship of trust for combined growth
  • Expanding the whole business network
  • Deeply penetrating the existing market and exploring the new ones
  • Designing beneficial academic initiatives that attract world-class educational leaders

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