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Even though the international borders exist, economies are growing by intelligently pushing all the boundaries. The number of students traveling abroad to pursue their academic career is at its zenith. NovaEdu has seamlessly partnered with over 40 plus reputed international institutions with regard to their student recruitment needs. We exercise a friendly relationship between the distinguished officials and they often visit our office premises to conduct educational seminars. Our comprehensive service to potential international students includes seminars, road shows, and webinars.
We offer you the best and highly-filtered information and career counseling that takes your academic life to the next level. We are proud to deliver free academic counseling with an aim to support the initiatives to access global educational services and Education consultants in kochi by all.

Our Areas of Specialization

  • Education Counseling With A Global Perspective And Based On Students Qualifications. It is important to educate the students in certain aspects before proceeding for international education. It enhances their performance and also gives them insight into the life ahead of them. Students receive the counseling at NovaEdu based on their qualification and level of education they are
    applying for.
  • Review And Verify Educational And Evidentiary Documents Submitted By The Students. NovaEdu takes the responsibility of reviewing the documents submitted by students for their international education. This lessens the tasks for the students and also gives them a deeper knowledge of what is required and what to submit for their verification.
  • Visa Counseling. NovaEdu offers VISA counseling before the procedures are taken.
  • Pre Departure Orientation. Students selected for international education are given sessions before they are to leave for a foreign country. The students are enlightened and educated regarding various things and much necessary information is also passed.
  • Invigilation / Proctoring Tests. NovaEdu takes proctoring/ Invigilation tests for students who are emigrating for their international education.
  • Help With Work Permits. With NovaEdu, get the work permits for your employment, abroad.
  • Tourist Visas for your parents/ Spouse. Once you have emigrated, you can take along your parents or spouse with you. NovaEdu assists in the procedures and gets the VISA for your family, easily.