Do I need to take an IELTS test?

It is strongly recommended that you take an IELTS test if you intend to study in English. You will need to satisfy a visa officer that you will observe the conditions of your admission to Canada and will depart Canada at the end of the period authorized for your stay. A proven and verifiable ability to communicate in the language of your studies will assist the officer in making that determination.

In present situation students have option of Duolingo or IELTS indicator or Colleges have their own online English Test. These exams can be given for both admission and if it is equivalent to IELTS scores, visa will not be rejected on Non Compliance of not submitting IELTS documents. Duolingo or other exams are accepted as IELTS is not possible now temporarily due to pandemic lock down. Duolingo or IELTS indicator is for a temporary period for anybody who do not want to waste time and want to get admission, visa and enrol for online classes as well to save on time and living costs in Canada.

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