Located in the westernmost part of the country, Yukon is the smallest among the three federal territories in Canada. Yukon territory got its name from the river of the same name, which is the largest river flowing in the area. The capital of the territory is Whitehorse. The southern part of the territory consists of alpine lakes fed by the narrow glaciers. The main highlight in Yukon is Mount Logan, which is the highest mountain range in the country and is located in the southwestern part of the territory. 

Yukon is known for its diverse national parks & reserves namely Kluane National Park and Reserve which is a UNESCO World Heritage site constitutes a large part of the south-west area. To the northern part of the territory lies the Ivvavik National Park & Vuntut National Park.

Having a long history in various industries such as mining, manufacturing that include furniture, clothing, and handicrafts etc. Trapping & fishing were the traditional industries but has been declined in the years.  The majority of the employment in the territory is provided by the government sector. Nearly half of the labour force are directly employed by the government which makes it the biggest employer in the territory.

Apart from employment & geography, Yukon is known for its extensive cultural and sporting events & infrastructures that attract tourists all over the world. Also, the territory is known for its exceptional flora & fauna.

  • Yukon University
  • Yukon school of  Visual Arts

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