Siddhartho Talukdar, Msc Biotechnology, University of Calgary

I always wanted to go Canada for my masters but was always apprehensive about how to proceed, where to begin. After I got selected for my Masters at University of Calgary, the next big thing that was in my mind was how to go about visa processing, what all documents do I need to submit, and thousands of other questions regarding normal stay and accommodation at Canada. There was an endless list of questions which I feel may appear silly to others but definitely very important to me then.

I visited Delhi and there I found Deepali who answered all my queries very diligently. You made me feel so comfortable that I could ask you all possible questions without any hesitation to which you answered to my full satisfaction. You had answers just not limiting to university but also about life outside university which I believe is very important. You helped me a lot in preparing all my documents for Visa especially all the bank documents. At the end of the day when I was applying for Visa I had no worries at the back of my head because I knew all my documents were there and all the other needful were met. Thank you very much Deepali for making my journey to Calgary, Canada from Delhi so smooth and hassle free.