Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island

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Prince Edward Island abbreviated as PEI is one of the three Maritime Provinces of the Canadian nation. In terms of area size & population, this is the smallest province in the country. Despite being small, the province is densely populated. The province is known to have several nicknames such as the “Garden of the Gulf” &  “Million-Acre Farm”, etc.

Due to the influence of the surrounding seas, the climate of PEI is generally moderate. The province has fertile soil which makes it ideal for agriculture. Prince Edward Island is known for its potato cultivation which makes about 25% of the potato production in Canada. Due to this, the province is often referred to as “Spud Island”. When it comes to the economy, it has lagged behind national averages even though several industries have become successful. Some of the reasons for this can be attributed to limited human and natural resources, distance from large markets, high transportation costs, etc. Giving importance to education, Prince Edward Island’s public school system has an English school district as well as a Francophone district. There are a total of 10 secondary schools, 54 intermediate & elementary schools in the English language districts whereas the Francophone district consists of 6 schools that teach for all grades.

The location of the island makes it an ideal operating base for shellfish, lobster & groundfish operations. Even though being an island province, there are several beaches, golf courses, music halls etc that usually attracts many tourists from all parts of the world. 

  • Collège de l’Île
  • Holland College
  • Maritime Christian College
  • Saint Dunstan’s University
  • University of Prince Edward Island