Kunal Mohindra, Masters in Health Informatics, Dalhousie University

I had approached Deepali ma’am, way back in October 2008 to seek her guidance for application into a Masters program in one of the Canadian Universities. I started the application process only in Jan’09. (You work only when pressure builds on your head) and people contributing to this pressure were Deepali mam and my Father. Most of the credit for my acceptance in a Canadian University strongly goes to these 2. Deepali mam used to assign me deadlines so that I keep moving at the desired pace to achieve the target.

At some point of time when I was eagerly waiting for a reply from the universities, due to the long wait some ill thoughts started coming to my mind “Going to Canada for study is not my piece of cake ” but she used to repeatedly console me and tell me that your application has strength why won’t they accept you. She could say that confidently just because she has dealt with so many students in the past and she was very well aware about the standards of each of universities here in Canada. I can’t even recall how many times I seek appointments with her, sometimes to get encouragement sometimes to get some help regarding the applications but she never had troubles with this.

Thank God, and my sailor of the ship (Deepali mam) that I got through Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada.

Next was again a cumbersome process : the Student Visa application, which was made a cake walk with the professional and experienced help from Deepali mam.

I have completed my first semester of Masters in Health Informatics at Dalhousie University Canada, managing respectable grades, shall be glad to help or advise a student who is seeking admission in one of the Canadian Universities.