Hanit Kaur, MBA

Deepali Singh is truly a reliable and trustworthy education consultant. We went to a lot of education consultants before meeting Deepali. None of them gave us full and correct information. Infact, many of them tried to misguide us. But when we met Deepali, we knew she was giving us the right information because she involved us in the whole process of finding the right university and visa application. She gave us lots of brochures and name of websites where we could check information from and make correct choices for ourselves. Here in Canada, I’ve met many students who were fleeced by their agents because they did not involve them in the whole process. Many of the agents themselves are unaware of changes in the visa rules, thereby putting students’ careers in danger. But Deepali was fully aware of the minutest details of the whole application procedure. We are very happy that we chose Deepali as our agent. It’s because of her that me and my husband are together in Canada because she told us we could apply together. Whereas many of the agents tried to misguide us and told us we could not go together. I think any student who wants to study abroad can trust Deepali, because of her up-to-date knowledge and vast experience. I recommend her to all my friends who want to go abroad for studies.

P.S. Deepali helped my mom in April 2010 to get a tourist visa and she is with us having a blast 🙂