My application was refused. What can I do about it?

Written reasons for the refusal are given to unsuccessful Study Permit applicants. Once you are in possession of the written reasons, there are limited avenues for appeal. There is no formal appeal mechanism for refused Study Permit applications.

The Visa Section is not able to assist with the refund of school fees.

If your circumstances have changed appreciably and you believe that it would result in a different decision, you may wish to reapply. If, however, there is no change in your situation, then it is unlikely that your application would result in the issuance of a Study Permit.

International students interested in studying in Canada should ensure that they are familiar with the rules and processes involved in coming to Canada to study. The best and most accurate source for information is the Canadian federal government. The federal government runs Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) – which links immigration services with citizenship registration and is responsible for and admitting immigrant, foreign students, visitors and temporary workers.

Contact NovaEdu to apply again for the Visa.

The department of the federal government formerly known as International Trade Canada has been split into two separate departments. The department now responsible for Culture, Education and Youth is Foreign Affairs Canada (FAC).


Who Needs a Study Permit?

Information for Foreign Students

Work Opportunities for Foreign Students

Application to Study in Canada Study Permits

Visa Offices

Countries and Territories Whose Citizens Require Visas in Order to Enter Canada as Visitors

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Temporary resident visa: For persons from designated countries who wish to visit Canada for a temporary purpose. Find out more here:

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