• Deepali Ma’m was suggested by a common friend to me when I was pursuing my study options in Canada. I was skeptical because I had very bad experiences with other consultants in Kerala till then. One agent had an audacity to throw my passport coz I refused to pay the hefty service charge they asked. Deepali Ma’m was angel send to me at that point of time. She helped me and involved me in the whole process to get an admission for my CRNE program. She gave me correct information about the institution and the course I wanted to study. She knew each and everything about visa and I was so glad that I chose her as my counselor. It was a pleasure knowing her and she became my didi 🙂

    I am thankful to her and NovaEdu by making one of my dreams come true. I still take advice from her and share my progress with her. I will suggest her to all my friends who want to study in Canada.

    Wishing her all the best in her work!!


  • I was trying to go to Canada for studies ever since I returned from Dubai. I had gone to various consultants in and around Kochi. One even told me that since I was a Muslim I will get visa rejection!! I was disappointed and discouraged. I realized most of them have no idea about the process for Canada. A friend suggested me NovaEdu saying they are doing only Canada and there I met Deepali Madam. That was the wisest decision I took in regards to my study abroad. She gave answers to all my doubts and suggested me the program that I wanted to study. She told me not to be scared and helped me in choosing the course and College. I was lucky that I chose her as my Counselor. She helped me for visa and made it easy to understand the whole process. I am grateful to her for making my dream come true. I hope all students like me go to her and get the help than falling prey to ignorant ones. I wish her all the best, though am sure she will do good without my wishes too .


  • Hi, I am Joby Jacob, 30 year old Chef from Kerala, India. I would like to thank NovaEdu for helping me reach Canada for my Hotel Management – Chef Program. Many agents misguided me saying I am too old to apply for studies and some gave me options of Business Programs but all I wanted was a Chef Training Program. NovaEdu helped me to find the right program and college, with their guidance I got my acceptance and visa in a month’s time. Now I am in Canada and pursuing my program.

    Thanks once again for making my dream come true!!!


  • Greetings from Canada!! I am Bindu Subin, was a School Teacher in Kerala. I always wanted to study abroad and was searching a lot of options so I could settle


    down later as well. A friend of mine suggested NovaEdu and there I met Ms. Deepali Singh. She has a very good knowledge about studies, work and life in Canada. She really helped me out even with the smallest doubts I had in my mind regarding my admission and visa process. She became a good friend of mine who helped me in settling as a student in Canada. I thank her and the team for being such a great support.


  • Hello all, I am Leya Mary Paul, was practicing as a Bsc Nurse in Bangalore. One of my cousins who got his student visa through I’ve mostly which without.

    NovaEdu referred me to them and they got me admission for Practical Nursing in one of the best Government College in Canada. They also told me about the work and settlement opportunities after completing this program. I have reached Canada and life here is very good and am thoroughly enjoying my studies and stay. A big thanks to NovaEdu and I will always suggest students to contact a genuine education counselor like Ms. Deepali Singh who is highly specialized in Canadian education and will never play with your career.

  • Hello Friends, I am from Kerala based in Mangalore, India got to know about NovaEdu through a Newspaper advrt. When I went to meet Ms. Deepali Singh I was a bit hesitant as to my earlier experiences where my other counselors were telling me to join either an MBA or a business program. Madam, shortlisted programs for me which were really appropriate and job oriented. I am very happy to be in Canada now and studying well to get good jobs.

  • I got very good counseling from NovaEdu. I am a Pharmacy Tech student in Canada and am very happy with the course and the college. NovaEdu also helped me getting accommodation and prepared me well in advance of the life style here which really helped in settling me in this whole new environment.


  • Hello friends, I got to know about NovaEdu through my friend Malcolm John who was already studying in Canada. I am a Dentist in India and had 2 immigration rejections earlier, I was very afraid and confused if I get my visa but within 15 days I got my student visa and I am in Brampton, Canada now studying Dentistry Diploma program. I will suggest all the students who are interested in studying in Canada to do get good counseling from a reputed education consultant like Deepali Mam who has in depth, knowledge about Canadian Education and Visa Systems. She will never let you down.


  • Hello,

    My name is Cyril Joy, am from Kerala and take this opportunity to thank Deepali Madam for the right counseling and help when I was so confused in regards to my Canadian education. I visited most of the agents and they couldn’t find a good program for me to study in Canada. Then I met Deepali Madam in Kottayam and I chose her as my education counselor. My decision proved right. She got me admission in one of the best college in Canada. I troubled them a lot for my visa but they always listened to my concerns with utmost patience and helped me to get my visa on time. I was introduced to other students NovaEdu had send to the same college and now we all are staying together. Thanks for all the help. Wishing you all the very best.


  • Hi all, am Dawn Joseph from Cochin. I was doing my research on study in Canada and came to know about NovaEdu who are Canadian Specialists!!! The people whom I wanted to meet!!

    I met Deepali Ma’m there and I knew I have come to the right place. She got me admission to the college I wanted to go in no time and helped me getting the student visa. I was tensed but she gave me confidence convincing me that my profile is good enough not to get a rejection. She helped me to get the home stay near to college and prepared me for the cultural difference.

    Thanks to all in NovaEdu for guiding me correctly at a crucial stage in my life.

    Wish you all the very best.


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