• While I was doing research for my higher studies in Canada I was told about NovaEdu through a family friend. They were very happy with the services provided and recommended us to pay a visit. Gladly I did. It was a long process for me to get all documents ready and NovaEdu team did a wonderful follow up, encouraging me to get things done on time. I am glad I met Deepali Mam at a crucial phase in my life, guiding me for my higher education.

    I recommend NovaEdu to those who wishes to study in Canada!!


  • I am from Delhi and I know Deepali for a long time. I had no doubt about her work and I trusted her completely. I never traveled to Kochi but we did all through mails and calls. She was there to help me even for the smallest doubts. I am glad I chose NovaEdu as my education facilitator and Deepali as my adviser.

    I wish them the very best!!!

  • I wanted to go to Alberta as my uncle and family is settled there and visited few agencies but none were able to give a program and at the place I wanted. I was dejected!! A friend told me about NovaEdu as Canadian education specialist and i visited them. That was the best decision I took in regards of my Canadian education. There I met Deepali Mam and she suggested me an institution which was very near where my uncle resides and things went smoothly from then. I am very happy happy here and very thanks to NovaEdu!!!

  • I came to know about NovaEdu through internet and i decided to pay them a visit. I was impressed with the options given to me by Deepali Mam and the team did all the work step by step. I was working in Mumbai and my mom was in contact and they made her comfortable and did all the work diligently. Big THANK YOU to all of you once again.

  • I came to know about NovaEdu and Deepali Mam through my brother who was studying in Canada. I was given the best career guidance by her and their team helped me to achieve my goal. I was rejected once but Deepali Mam saw the merit in my file and made me reapply. They were with my thick and thin and I can’t thank them enough.

    Wishing them the very best for all future endeavors.

  • In my view Deepali being a very intelligent person you want to consider on professional grounds. She got excellent knowledge on international education. She was played a key role in my admission to Canada and by her recommendations i was here in Canada much more earlier than I expected to be. She is also a biggest support to the students she undertakes by providing them proper guidance. Her follow up is up to the mark whether its online or over the phone. I was very pleased by the services provided by Deepali


  • I had approached Deepali ma’am, way back in October 2008 to seek her guidance for application into a Masters program in one of the Canadian Universities. I started the application process only in Jan’09. (You work only when pressure builds on your head) and people contributing to this pressure were Deepali mam and my Father. Most of the credit for my acceptance in a Canadian University strongly goes to these 2. Deepali mam used to assign me deadlines so that I keep moving at the desired pace to achieve the target.

    At some point of time when I was eagerly waiting for a reply from the universities, due to the long wait some ill thoughts started coming to my mind “Going to Canada for study is not my piece of cake ” but she used to repeatedly console me and tell me that your application has strength why won’t they accept you. She could say that confidently just because she has dealt with so many students in the past and she was very well aware about the standards of each of universities here in Canada. I can’t even recall how many times I seek appointments with her, sometimes to get encouragement sometimes to get some help regarding the applications but she never had troubles with this.

    Thank God, and my sailor of the ship (Deepali mam) that I got through Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada.

    Next was again a cumbersome process : the Student Visa application, which was made a cake walk with the professional and experienced help from Deepali mam.

    I have completed my first semester of Masters in Health Informatics at Dalhousie University Canada, managing respectable grades, shall be glad to help or advise a student who is seeking admission in one of the Canadian Universities.


  • I applied for my Canadian student permit visa twice but was not successful in my first attempt because i never went through any channel of counselling but did all on my own hence my visa was rejected. But the second time I tried, I went under the counselling and guidance of Deepali. She guided me completely with all the necessary documents and as per her guidance submitted the documents required by the Embassy and finally my visa was granted and now I am in Canada pursuing my Hospitality and Tourism Program. It was Deepali who helped me to get a scholarship as well and she made me to meet the representative of Niagara Colleges in Canada who helped with the scholarship program. I am really grateful to her.


  • My career counselling experience with Deepali has been tremendous. She has the knowledge about colleges and universities that help students to choose from many given options. I want to thank you for all your help, support and expertise over the last few months, ma’am. It has been pleasure getting to know you. It was great to have an impartial yet sympathetic ear for my concerns. Wish you all the best for future and will be in touch to take your timely guidance for my future endeavors.


  • I want to thank you Deepali for all your support and guidance in applying for my student visa. You made that entire roller coaster ride really smooth for me. I guess it was your confidence in yourself and your work that always gave me the courage to go ahead. I was really surprised by the fact that you knew every detail of my file so well, and imagine you had so many other clients too. No matter what my concern was, you just had the solution to all, be it my Education Loan, my papers or the stuff to take for the first month. You just knew everything! No matter how stressed out I was, the moment I saw you, it all just vanished. You are totally awesome. And if I have to describe you and your work in one word, it would simply be ‘perfect’. I really wish that every student gets a counsellor like you.


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