• My mom happened see the Study in Canada board near my house and suggested me to visit the office since I was planning to study in Canada. I was working in Hyderabad with Deccan Chargers at Hyderabad in IPL and it took some time to reach her and meet her in person. Once I did there was no turning back. But hey, I did my research on her before committing myself to her she send me to one of the best University and am enjoying my studies. Wish her all the best.

  • I was doing IELTS and few of them were talking about NovaEdu. I went along with a friend of mine and met Deepali Madam.
    She suggested us the institutions and programs at those provinces where we wanted to go and we felt comfortable with her knowledge. My brother is already in Australia and it took around 6 months for his visa to come and I was thinking in those terms. Here everything was so quick that in 15 days I was flying to Canada once I had the acceptance letter in my hand. I thank Jes Sir for helping me to get accommodation, my travel and most importantly taking my calls even at night when I had my doubts. I don’t think he has given his personal number to any student  he must be banging his head for giving that to me. But he was very helpful. Thankful to both of them for understanding a Nurse’s worry and concerns. My picture states my state of mind.

  • My class mate and I were doing IELTS and heard about NovaEdu in the class. I went along with a common friend and as Vishnu wrote below things fallen in place once we met Deepali Madam.
    They handled our case well and gave us the correct information. They always updated us with the process and made us a part of the whole thing. Step by step they helped us to get the documents done and in 4 days we got our visa. Today me and Vishnu are in same college and same home as we were during Bsc Nursing and we talk how we were cheated by many till we met the right counselor like Deepali Mam. I have seen many students like that here.
    One advice to all, if Canada think NovaEdu!!

  • When I was in 10th my dad told me he will send me to Canada for my bachelors. I was very excited then we started the process a malayali would do. Visit all the agents in and around to get info and got registered with one agent. Surprisingly they were not able to give us correct info. Then we wrote a mail to the University and luckily they were coming to Bangalore and I went with my dad to meet them. Got the info and realized whatever info we had till now was wrong. We wanted someone good to help us in the whole process. It was a tedious work in Kerala with so many phony agents all over.
    A neighbor whose son has gone through NovaEdu suggested Deepali Mam to us and we went not with any hope but not to disappoint our neighbor. Since we had info from University we thought we will check her knowledge. Bingo. The only person who gave the same info as the University was her and we realized we are at the right place.
    We started the process at the right time, got admission in the University of Waterloo which I dreamed. Am very happy today and though it was tough initially now am in a flow and can say doing well. Thanks to Deepali Madam and of course my dad  !!!!


  • My cousin had gone to Canada through NovaEdu and I chose to listen to his advice and selected Deepali Mam as my education counselor and am happy in Ottawa.I wish them the very best from the bottom of my heart.



  • I met a friend at IELTS coach centre who told me about Deepali Madam and went to meet her. She gave me right suggestion and helped me to reach Canada.
    A big thanks to you!!!!

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