• Hi Friends,

    I am very happy to write this testimonial for NovaEdu. It was a great pleasure to get introduced to Deepali ma’am who has helped me choose the right course and the right college. The processing of the application to acquiring of the Visa has been smooth for me with her help. I would suggest NovaEdu the right place for all the new students aspiring to go for higher studies in Canada


  • Hi Friends,
    Are you confused about selecting the right consultants to help you get an admission in college/university in Canada for higher studies? The answer is NovaEdu. Deepali ma’am is the right person to guide/help you select the right course. The processing of the admission, followups with the college is very punctual. I am very happy to have met her and wish NovaEdu all the very best.

  • Hi,

    I was only too happy to give my testimonial for NovaEdu, I know it is the best institution which gives the proper guidance to all aspiring students who wants to pursue their studies in Canada but have doubts about how to go about it. Deepali ma’am, NovaEdu is the best counsellor I have ever met who does not give any false hopes unlike so many other consultants. She is also well versant with all the programs offered in colleges/universities in Canada. You ask a question and she has the answer for it. I feel choosing NovaEdu was the best decision taken by me when I thought of higher studies in Canada.

  • It was a pleasure for me to meet Deepali ma’am of NovaEdu when I decided that I wanted to go to Canada for higher studies. She has helped sort out all the problems I faced while processing my application and patiently answered to all my queries. I strongly recommended her to all my friends and will continue to do so. I wish NovaEdu the best always.


  • Dear Friends,

    If you have a dream of studying in Canada and are looking out for the right people to help you fulfill your dream Ms. Deepali Singh of NovaEdu is the right person you should look up to. The counseling given by her helps you overcome all your doubts about the courses offered in Canada. I am glad that I chose her my representative for the Canadian process.


  • Hi Friends,

    It is a pleasure for me to write a testimonial for NovaEdu and I can vouch for NovaEdu as one of the best place for people who are looking for studying in Canada. Ms Deepali Singh is the best counselor I have met who had answers to all my queries about courses in Canada. The experience her is awesome. I am loving it 🙂

  • After my post graduation, I had dreams of going to Canada for further studies and I wrote to many institutions for admissions. All of them told me to meet Deepali Mam as she the institutional link to all the institutions i approached!! My sister had applied directly and had got a rejection and I didnt wanted the same for me and i came to Kochi to meet her. Deepali Maam guided me properly and helped me go through the processing, right from the application to the University to the Visa Counseling, with out any hassles of any sort. Wish her and NovaEdu the very best…

  • After lots of research I approached NovaEdu which promotes eduction in Canada and I was not disappointed. It was the right decision on my part to approach Deepali maam of NovaEdu. She makes us confident during her counseling sessions and helps us choose the best program if we have any doubts about choosing one. Me and my sister – in – law are in Canada coz of her. I would definitely recommend NovaEdu to anyone who has dreams of studying especially in Canada.

  • Hi All,
    I would suggest NovaEdu as the right place for all the new students aspiring to go for higher studies in Canada. Deepali Ma’am is the best counselor who has been friendly and has cleared all my doubts and fears and has helped me choose the right program for a bright future. I would strongly recommend NovaEdu to all students…

  • After grade 12th I had dreams of going abroad and pursue my studies, I met Deepali Maam of NovaEdu and she counselled and helped me choose the program of my liking and now am in Canada doing my bachelors from one of the best Universities in the world. My best wishes to Deepali Ma’m…

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