Priya Rose, CRNE

Deepali Ma’m was suggested by a common friend to me when I was pursuing my study options in Canada. I was skeptical because I had very bad experiences with other consultants in Kerala till then. One agent had an audacity to throw my passport coz I refused to pay the hefty service charge they asked. Deepali Ma’m was angel send to me at that point of time. She helped me and involved me in the whole process to get an admission for my CRNE program. She gave me correct information about the institution and the course I wanted to study. She knew each and everything about visa and I was so glad that I chose her as my counselor. It was a pleasure knowing her and she became my didi 🙂

I am thankful to her and NovaEdu by making one of my dreams come true. I still take advice from her and share my progress with her. I will suggest her to all my friends who want to study in Canada.

Wishing her all the best in her work!!