New Brunswick

New Brunswick

New Brunswick, Canadian province located on the eastern seaboard of the North American continent. Together with Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, it forms the regional grouping known as the Maritime Provinces.

Clearly distinguishable seasons characterize the climate. Winters are snowy and cold, and summers are mild and pleasant. The fall, with alternating cold nights and sunny warm days, is particularly spectacular, as the blazing colours of deciduous foliage contrast with the solid dark greens of conifers.

New Brunswick has a resource-based economy dependent largely on forestry, mining, and fishing. Tourism, agriculture, small-scale manufacturing, and a growing service sector provide balance and diversity. Real economic growth tends to be at or above the regional average for the Atlantic Provinces region, reflecting expansion in oil refining, telecommunications, computer software development, and natural gas distribution. The bulk of manufacturing industries in New Brunswick produce food products, paper, and wood products. Firms also manufacture metal goods, mineral products, and machinery. A number of small computer software companies operate in several of the province’s cities as well.

New Brunswick offers a wide range of attractions such as parks, mountains, beaches, rivers and cultural and art experiences to tourists. (Source:

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