• Miller Pravin Oza, Biotechnology, Centennial College

    I was doing IELTS with my buddy Fayaz and we decided to go Canada for our higher studies. We did our research and heard about NovaEdu and was very happy they way took care of my case. Gave me ample options to choose programs from their 42 institutions and made me understand the entire process. Me and my friend got our visas and am glad I chose NovaEdu as my education facilitator. Will always recommend them to anyone who wishes to come Canada for studies.


  • Azhar Ali, GBM, Centennial College

    One of my cousin met Deepali Mam in an education fair and he suggested me Novaedu when we discussed in the family that am planning to go for higher studies in Canada. Me and my dad went to meet them and they made me understand about the country, the programs and I was quite impressed with the program options they gave. They helped in accommodation before traveling and ensured I was taken care of once I landed in Canada. I got good friends and am glad I chose Centennial for my higher education.

    Thank you for all the help and for being there even now as and when I need help!!

  • Jithin Johny, Mechanical Engineering Technology – Industrial, Centennial College

    I came to know about NovaEdu through a friend of mine and my entire process went smoothly. I am happy with the choices they gave for my studies and am happy at Centennial. Good college, good friends, more importantly high quality education. Thanks for all the help. Best Wishes.

  • Fayaz Azeez, Retail Pharmacy, Sheridan College

    I was doing my IELTS along with my best friend Miller and we came to know about NovaEdu who are specialized in Canadian education. We decided to visit them though the IELTS coaching center were giving us options for Canada. Glad I went to NovaEdu. Met Deepali Mam and changed my perspective. I was confused before and got the program what I wanted to study and chose Sheridan. I am very happy here. Studies are going good. Thank you all for the help!!! Will definitely meet all of you when am visiting India.


  • Melina Diane Marshal, MBA, TR University

    My research paid off!! I wanted a good counselor who will help me for my higher studies and I mailed few consultants in India. The reply I got for my mail from Deepali Mam made me realize am dealing with a professional and I trusted her completely. I was confused in the beginning about the courses but she cleared all my doubts. I opted for a Diploma in Finance as a pathway to enter MBA. I never knew such courses existed. The team helped me through out the process clarifying every small doubts I had. Thank you all for the help!!

    Look forward to see you all whenever you are in Kamloops 🙂


  • Don Geo Mathew, International Business, TR University

    While I was doing research for my higher studies in Canada I was told about NovaEdu through a family friend. They were very happy with the services provided and recommended us to pay a visit. Gladly I did. It was a long process for me to get all documents ready and NovaEdu team did a wonderful follow up, encouraging me to get things done on time. I am glad I met Deepali Mam at a crucial phase in my life, guiding me for my higher education.

    I recommend NovaEdu to those who wishes to study in Canada!!


  • Kaushal Sharma, International Business, TR University

    I am from Delhi and I know Deepali for a long time. I had no doubt about her work and I trusted her completely. I never traveled to Kochi but we did all through mails and calls. She was there to help me even for the smallest doubts. I am glad I chose NovaEdu as my education facilitator and Deepali as my adviser.

    I wish them the very best!!!

  • Rojin Roy, Grant MacEwan University

    I wanted to go to Alberta as my uncle and family is settled there and visited few agencies but none were able to give a program and at the place I wanted. I was dejected!! A friend told me about NovaEdu as Canadian education specialist and i visited them. That was the best decision I took in regards of my Canadian education. There I met Deepali Mam and she suggested me an institution which was very near where my uncle resides and things went smoothly from then. I am very happy happy here and very thanks to NovaEdu!!!

  • Welsoon Wilson, Robotics and Industrial Automation, Conestoga College

    I came to know about NovaEdu through internet and i decided to pay them a visit. I was impressed with the options given to me by Deepali Mam and the team did all the work step by step. I was working in Mumbai and my mom was in contact and they made her comfortable and did all the work diligently. Big THANK YOU to all of you once again.

  • Jacob Jose, Global Hospitality Management, Conestoga College

    I came to know about NovaEdu and Deepali Mam through my brother who was studying in Canada. I was given the best career guidance by her and their team helped me to achieve my goal. I was rejected once but Deepali Mam saw the merit in my file and made me reapply. They were with my thick and thin and I can’t thank them enough.

    Wishing them the very best for all future endeavors.