• scholarships for Indian students in Canada

    Indian students and Higher education

    The government and private educational institutions are offering a wide range of courses under many disciplines. Likewise, community colleges offer diploma programs in vocational education.  The lion’s share of the courses can be studied with the aid of scholarships.

    India is an important strategic partner of Canada in education and skills development. Education plays an important role in the future prosperity of both nations. Getting a quality education is an achievable goal if you have accurate information. 

    The eligibility and the selection depended upon several attributes and your area of interestS. So, let us dig in detail different scholarship programs. It is up to you to select the one for your requirements. 

    How to get scholarship in Canada for Indian students?

    It is true that scholarships are available for international students and getting them to depend upon your merit and skill set. Also, you need to have sufficient fund to meet the living expenses as well as augment the scholarship. Like any other international student, you have to undergo the required entrance examination to the specified course if any. You also need to have English language proficiency to get admission. 

    Scholarships for Indian Students

    Top scholarships to study in Canada are diverse and endless. Students select Canada as their research or study destination. Many Canadian universities and colleges offer special scholarships for Indian students. Studying with a scholarship does not have exempt you from other restrictions.

    1.Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

    Vanier Canada graduate scholarship named in the memory of Major General Georges P. Vanier. The scholarship is intended to attract doctoral students across the globe. The student must have academic excellence, research potential and leadership. Besides, they must be referred by a Canadian institute. The area of research of scholarship is natural sciences, engineering, social sciences and health research.  

    2.University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship

    The scholarship is offered to international students of masters and PhD course. Students from all streams can apply for it. To attain the scholarship, one must have the supreme intellectual capability as well as academic excellence. They must have a GPA of 3.0  or higher to get this scholarship.  When selected candidate is informed through official mail.  UMGF supports a student for five years. That is for sixty months. Generally, the application starts in January. 

    3.Ontario Graduate Scholarship

              The OGS program attracts many international students. A full-time graduate degree students can go for it. It is awarded for 5 candidates per annum. The amount of scholarship is CAD 15000 can be used for tuition fees. 

    4.Assist on scholarship

    The scholarship can be accessed by international students. Academic excellence is a major key point and the applicant must be admitted for a diploma or certificate program. George brown college award this scholarship and it is worth CAD 1000. 

    5.Lester B. Pearson International Program

    The artistic aptitude of students recognized and appreciated through this scholarship. Your leadership quality and academic excellence are mandatory to apply for this scholarship. 

    To apply for this scholarship, you must enroll as an international secondary student and work permit.  The application starts from August to November and awarded by Toronto University.

    These are some of the major scholarships offered by colleges and universities in Canada for international students. To apply for these scholarships, certain characteristics have to be met. Having academic excellence and financial freedom enable you to pursue an overseas dream of higher studies. Fetching a doctorate or masters with a scholarship is indeed a pride achievement for you and your loved ones. 

    NovaEdu Contributes to “ Centennial International Desi Academic Scholarship(CIDA)” since 2018 to the top two female students every year who goes to Centennial through us, If they are able to perform well in their studies. So far 5 students have received the scholarship totally $10000.

    We are a successful educational consultant in Kochi, devoted to educational opportunities in Canada. Our vast years of experience and career guidance can fulfill your educational dreams. Our veteran team can find out the best course inline with your area of interest. If you are eligible, they can provide all intricate information regarding the process. 

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  • Scope of diploma in canada

    When and how can you determine the value of international higher education? The question is more sensible if you are on the road of completing higher secondary or undergraduate studies. Today, the world is so wide and around the corner, you get a multitude of career options to select. Therefore, understanding the scope of diploma education in Canada pays off. Maybe, you can even take the apt course among the unending list..

    In this blog, we dig the scope of diploma courses in Canada. Also, why it is a great exposure to you. If you are an enthusiastic parent or a studious learner, we assure you get the latest yet accurate information about the subject

    Why Canada

    As many of you know, Canada is one of the high paced, super developed countries in the world. Its reverberations are part of their education system too. Canadian Universities and Colleges stand out in terms of quality education and guidance.  Understanding and experiencing the country while learning boosts you as a person in many ways. Your soft skills like language, behaviour get tamed and the top-quality education makes you updated for any fields. Accentuating your proficiency with a diploma from Canada is a wise decision. A quality standard of living and bright possibilities awaits you.


    What it costs, What it offers

    Like any other country, Canada also offers diploma programs for students from different streams as well as age groups. And most of these study programs are available in Public Colleges and some Universities. This results in lower tuition fees and affordable accommodation. The medium of learning is English. The cost and duration of course also differ according to the kind of course and institution you choose.  Diploma programs range from Entertainment to Healthcare also other technological realms. Diplomas are either mostly one year or two years, costing average 7 to 8 lakhs INR per year. Canadian Institutions have programs for every interest.

    Who Can apply? 

    Diploma in Canada after graduation is a great option for those dreaming of higher studies. Top-quality colleges and vocational schools are the assets of Canada. You can go for diploma courses after your plus two or undergraduate program. Some colleges will have work-integrated learning which helps in acquiring pocket money.  If you are eligible, you can benefit from the scholarship or fellowship for the opted course. 

    How can you apply?

    First of all, to get into Canada you need to complete the admission procedures; which depend upon the University or College you apply. In general, you have to undergo their assessment test and also need to submit an English proficiency certificate. IELTS score is ideal. To understand the specific requirements for your course is no more a mundane task as we are here. 

    Diploma course in Canada after 12th

    Diploma courses in Canada after 12th enable a young person to explore his or her life to the fullest. It is because they are pretty young and have a great yearning for a new learning environment. There are plenty of courses to select after your higher secondary. 

    diploma courses in canada

    Courses are:

    Hospitality management

    • Adventure Guide Adventure
    • Tourism Business Operations
    • Applied Management inHospitality and Tourism (StJohn)
    • Arts – GlobalStewardship Asian
    • Culinary Arts Certificate
    • Bachelor of Hospitality & Tourism Management
    • Baking and Pastry Arts Management
    • Baking Foundation – High School
    • Baking Skills
    • Cook (Apprenticeship)
    • Culinary Arts
    • Culinary Management
    • Culinary Skills

    Information and communications technology

    • Computer/Electrical Engineering
    • 2D Animation & Visual Development Diploma
    • 3D Animation for Film and Games
    • Acting for Film and Television
    • Acting for Stage and Screen
    • Advanced Arts & Entertainment Management
    • Advanced Digital Design and Development Diploma
    • Advertising and Marketing Communications
    • Analyst Programmer
    • Animation – 3D
    • Appliance Servicing
    • Applied Museum Studies


    • Diploma in Emergency Management
    • Diploma in Safety, Health and Environmental Management
    • Disability Support Worker
    • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
    • Emergency Medical Responder
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Exercise and Sport Studies
    • Exercise Science for Health and Performance
    • Gerontology
    • Health Administration
    • Health Care Admin INTERNATIONAL

    Agriculture and agri-food

    • Agriculture Sciences Certificate
    • Agricultural Equipment Technician
    • Agriculture and Bioresources(First Year University)
    • Agriculture (Co-op)
    • Agroecology (Co-op)
    • Agricultural Biology
    • Agricultural Economics
    • Agronomy


    • Accounting
    • Accounting – BBA
    • Accounting and Financial Management
    • Accounting Assistant
    • Accounting Management
    • Accounting Technician
    • Administrative Assistant Specialty
    • Applied Management in Accounting (St John)
    • Applied Management in Electronic Commerce (St John)
    • Applied Statistics
    • B.Com “Bachelor of Business in Administration (BBA) Accounting”
    • “Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Business Analytics and Technology”
    • “Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Entrepreneurship and Innovation Leadership”


    • Design and Visual Arts
    • Design in Visual Communication (IDEA program)
    • Design


    • Environmental Biology
    • Environmental Chemistry
    • Environmental Design (Co-op)
    • Environmental Earth Sciences
    • Environmental Engineering
    • Environmental Geochemistry (Fredricton)
    • Environmental Geoscience

    Find more programs anda Institutions in Canada


    • Fitness and Health Promotion
    • Anatomy & Physiology
    • Animal Health Technology Diploma
    • Animal Science Technology Diploma
    • Applied Behaviour Analysis (Autism)
    • Associate Diploma in Equine Care and Management
    • Associate Diploma in Veterinary Technology
    • Autism & Behavioural Science
    • Bachelor of Applied Arts in Psychology
    • Bachelor of Arts – Psychology Bachelor of Emergency Management
    • Bachelor of Health Sciences (Public Health)
    • Bachelor of Physical and Health Education

    Languages and arts

    • General Arts and Science – English for Academic Purposes (International)
    • Academic Studies
    • Adult Basic Education – Adult 12
    • Adventure Studies
    • American Studies
    • Ancient Greek and Roman Studies
    • Ancient Studies
    • Anthropology – Science
    • Aboriginal Education Support Worker
    • Addictions and Mental Health – Graduate Certificate
    • Applied Geography

    Social services

    • Social and Environmental Justice
    • Social Cultural Studies
    • Social Development Studies
    • Social Justice Social Justice Colloquium
    • Social Research Methodologies
    • Social Sciences – Certificate Social Service
    • Social Service Worker Social
    • Service Worker – Gerontology
    • Social Service Worker (Intensive)
    • Social Services Worker – Indigenous Specialization

    Broadcasting and journalism

    • Broadcasting – Radio
    • Broadcasting – Television
    • Journalism
    • Broadcasting – Television and Video Production
    • Journalism
    • Broadcast – Radio
    • Broadcasting – Television and Independent Production
    • Broadcasting Performance and Digital Media
    • Journalism Broadcasting – Radio, Television and Film (Film Production)
    • Broadcasting – Radio, Television and Film (Radio & TV Presentation)
    • Broadcasting – Radio, Television and Film (Television Production)
    • Journalism (First Year University)
    • Journalism

    Dental hygiene

    • Dental Hygiene
    • Dental Assistant

    Engineering technology

    • Bachelor of Engineering Technology – Chemical
    • Bachelor of Engineering Technology – Electronics & Controls
    • Bachelor of Engineering Technology – Environmental Studies
    • Bachelor of Engineering Technology – Petroleum
    • Biomedical Engineering Technology (3YR)
    • Chemical Engineering
    • Chemical Engineering Technology
    • Electrical and Computer Engineering (Fredricton)
    • Electrical Engineering Technician
    • Electrical Engineering Technology
    • Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technician
    • Electromechanical Engineering Technician – Mechatronics

    Before Going….

    Before landing in Canada, you must have read every piece of information you come across. That’s smart. Such a studious approach helps to mingle with natives. Likewise, you must have a full picture of how to meet your living expenses as a student. Planning will save you from troubles and confusions.  Being an international student the study permit is the most valuable document for you. You can apply for one by getting your ‘’ Letter of acceptance from the institution”.  It can take up to 2-4 weeks to get it. Counselors at NovaEdu will guide you in all the process.

    Future Prospects

    To sum up, opting a diploma from a Canadian university or college has possible benefits. The prospects of you as a student are many. You can work part-time while studying. Thus, you get hands-on experience plus financial support. If you are planning to try your luck there, you can apply for a work visa and start earning. It is not about lectures, labs and library but a holistic development is what you can count. At NovaEdu, you will find A to Z information about your higher studies. Our top priority is to convey reliable guidance to get you there. 

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  • canada student visa


    Are you an enthusiastic student who dreams about studying in Canada? If so, there is no doubt why your eyeball hit the above question. It is indeed a great decision to pursue your dreams in a land where economic and human development index rank higher. The flood of online and offline information often confuse you leaving many doubts. And therefore, the best way to avoid myths about Canada student visa is to learn about the actual information.

    Canada is one of the best abroad study destinations for a world-class education. The huge diversity and prestigious education system attract lakhs of students every year. A variety of programmes are available in different disciplines. Apart from science, business studies and humanities students enrol other programmes like technical courses. Though, a lion’s share of students hesitates to leap forward because of the false information they have.


    Misinformation can harm your dreams!

    canada visa


    Myths and petty pieces of information can harm your overseas dreams. The golden opportunity of international learning experience may be lost in the quest for information. A better lifestyle is what you will miss. Before wrapping yourself into this world of information, make sure you recognize the source of information. So, the chances for myths will be less. To have facts, you must be a little vigilant. Let us now learn the most debated myths about the student visa in Canada.


    The higher Tuition fees

    Tuition fees in various universities differ depending on many factors such as course, its duration… Canada offers low tuition fees for courses in public universities. These courses generally comprise bachelor’s, masters and doctorate degrees. The unique education system promises affordable tuition fees for international students. When you apply for courses in a private university, the tuition fee will be comparatively higher. The myth of higher tuition fees should not prevent you from applying for the desired course. Top-quality education is a guaranteed reality without higher tuition fees across Canada.


    The unaffordable cost of living

    When you apply for a student permit, you can expect the cost of living in Canada as a student. Accordingly, your food and accommodation can be selected. You must understand that the cost of living will be higher compared to your native country. But you can afford it by choosing accommodations provided by the respective university. The students can get many concessions in various places. Moreover, you can work along with your studies. Part-time work can help you to get experience as well as economic stability.


    The proficiency in French is compulsory

    All programmes in universities are taught in English and therefore knowing French is not a compulsory criterion. You should prove your efficiency in English by taking a test like TOEFL or IELTS. But there is no test for french proficiency in order to get a student visa. However, your knowledge in French may be helpful for you.


    Getting a study permit is difficult

    As a foreign national, it is important to have the study permit with you. But that does not mean that getting one is difficult. The Canada Government have fair procedures to apply for a study permit. By following each step help you to get a student visa. You can either apply online or by going to a visa application centre. Generally, the work permit can take up to three months. Study in Canada is a dream you can acquire with clear cut instructions from us.


    The extreme cold

    Canada is the second-largest country in the world and its climate is not only about winter. The diverse landscape experiences four seasons. Moderate temperatures make the living much easier. Sunny summers are part of Canada’s climate despite cold weather. Highly populated regions around the US border enjoy moderate temperatures than other places.


    For years back, obtaining international education seem unreachable. The world has changed and today anyone who wishes to study abroad can go for it. With the right professional guidance and systematic application procedures, your overseas dreams become a reality. We, at NovaEdu, takes all responsibilities regarding the student visa process and tailor-make each step for you. We are confident that now you can see the facts and walk towards your academic dreams fearlessly.



  • student direct stream

    A study permit is the quintessential requirement for a student who wishes to pursue higher education in Canada. It is a document issued by the Canadian government, consenting foreign nationals to study in Canada. But oftentimes, acquiring it can be a time-consuming process..

    To address this issue, the Canadian government has introduced a program called Student Direct Stream or SDS, as a swift pathway for students who wish to study in Canada. It offers a speedy application process for study permits for students. With SDS, applications are processed in 20 calendar days, provided that he or she meets the eligibility.

    There are certain criterions which are to be satisfied by the applicant, in order to be eligible for SDS. Firstly, he or she must be a legal resident of China, India, the Philippines, or Vietnam. Secondly, the letter of acceptance from a post-secondary DLI should be submitted for review. Next, the student should be living outside Canada while applying for study permit through SDS. He or she must also possess a GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) of CAD10000. If needed, medical and police certificates should be submitted.

    When it comes to language proficiency, the student is expected to score 6.0 or more in each language skill –Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing in IELTS. Another option is to have a TEF (Test d’évaluation de français) score which is equivalent to a Canadian Language Benchmark score not less than 7 in each module/skill.

    If the desired place of study is Quebec, the student should submit the Certification of Acceptance for Quebec (CAQ).

    Obtaining a GIC is easy, as it can be procured from any of the banks itemized on the Canadian Deposit Insurance Company website. The banks are HSBC Bank of Montreal, Bank of China, Bank of Beijing etc., and in India GIS can be availed through ICICI Bank.

    Another important factor is the submission of medical and police certificates. The former must be submitted by students who have travelled or lived in certain territories–including India–for more than six months. The information regarding police certificates will be clarified in the concerned visa office guidelines.

    Moreover, through Student Direct Stream, the spouse, partner, or dependent child will also get a faster visa processing. At the time of online application, it is possible to add their information. The application process is completely online and before starting the process, one should have the instruction guide for filling out the forms, a functional scanner to generate e-copies of the documents, and a valid debit or credit card for fee payment.

    After fee payment and submission, the candidate is sometimes asked to provide his or her photo and fingerprints. A detailed letter from the Canadian government will give instructions regarding how and where to do the process. The candidate has 30 days to submit the biometrics. Then the application is processed, usually within 20 days. If approved, a letter of introduction, and an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) or a Visitor Visa will be sent.  When the candidate arrives the entry port, an officer will scrutinize the information and issue the permit if there are no issues. If an application is rejected, the Canadian authority will send a letter explaining the reason. The student can reply to that letter for further clarification.

  • Canada has always been a no.1 choice when it comes to education and employment for international students.   With global recognition and reputation, Canada is the best choice for employment. Students can acquire a post-graduation work permit which allows them to stay back and work in Canada.

    Canada is one of the top nations in the world offering a great lifestyle and atmosphere for international students. Life in Canada is wonderful, so are the job opportunities. Year by year, the number of international students migrating to Canada for education and employment, have kept incrementing. 

    An income from a foreign country is always an asset and reputed countries like, Canada not only adds to the value of the income but also gives a plus to their career. The employment offered for international students in Canada are very high and there is much that is offered for the students.

    Students graduating from the universities in Canada do not have much trouble looking for jobs as firms and other institutions are eager to take them for work. Employment is open for all fields and specializations and the skillful ones are always taken in. The demand for employment in Canada has led to a large number of people to migrate to Canada. Students graduating from universities in Canada find it easier to get jobs in Canada. Previous work experience always backs them up.

    To a greater extent, the skills, talents, and potentials of a person determine the employment level in the country. The students graduating from Canadian Universities stand a higher chance as they are well trained and educated in their fields or arena. This makes them more eligible for employment.

    Why work in Canada?

    Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the world with a diverse cultural and multi-linguistic population. With amazing health and insurance benefits, Canada is one of the safest and secure countries in the world to work and to settle in. There are employment benefits, regular benefits, and family benefits when employed in Canada.

    Being a country with advanced development and innovations, employment in Canada keeps you updated and accustomed to the technologies. The unemployment rate in Canada is very low up to 7%. This is the lowest in any country as most of the countries in the world face a high unemployment rate. Since there are good talents and professions, employment in Canada is always great for international students.

    There are training opportunities and benefits while working in Canada. Moreover, one gets to experience all the four seasons in Canada, which is quite beautiful. Having an experience by taking part in internships and co-op programs gives the students a better chance to get employment in Canada, easily.

    To know more about the educational and employment opportunities in Canada, the post-graduation work permit, the VISA requirements, the cost of living in Canada, and more, contact NovaEdu.

  • study in canada


     International education opens numerous opportunities for students to study in canada. It offers great exposure and experiences for the students during their training and education. Pursuing education at the best universities in the world is a dream for every student. Finding the best institution for your education and career is vital. Apart from the institution, it is also important to study in the best place. With highly developed countries across the globe finding the best country and the best institution can sometimes be confusing but there is always one answer or one country that has always topped the question of education and that is Canada.

    The education and training offered in universities in Canada are exceptional. With a detailed curriculum and specialized faculty, the Canadian education system has always given great results. Student life in Canada is one of the best in the world.

    Study in Canada

    study in canada


    Pursuing education in Canada opens up a new platform and opportunities for Indian students. Students get into contact with higher levels of technology, diverse culture and a wide range of other experiences. Since the universities in Canada offer world-class education there is no chance of unemployment or a weak career. All these years students have come out in flying colors and have made their way to top levels in the economy.

    Study in Canada is not only about values but also about global recognition and a strong reputation. Indian students graduating from Canadian institutions will always have a great reputation not only in their motherland but far and wide in the world.

    Pursuing education in Canada takes students through a number of practices events and challenges. More interestingly, Canadian education makes students capable of facing challenges dealing with real-time situations, etc. It is a complete preparation for their life ahead. Canadian education offers a great career and social life for students.

    Canada is one of the top countries in the world that excel in education and training. Over the years, there have been hundreds and thousands of students migrating to Canada to pursue their education and to have a reputed career. Indian students who have pursued their education in
    Canada and have gone ahead for higher studies in Canada have an enviable career today. The excellence and brilliance of the Canadian education system have led to the growth of the country and also the educational background of students.


    Need Information related to study in Canada


    For Indian students to pursue an education in Canada, the procedures are quite easy. The right educational counselor is needed for your international education. Only the best educational can guide you through the entire procedures and process of international education. With NovaEdu, get all your doubts cleared about Canadian education. NovaEdu not only offers the required information but complete assistance in your international education. NovaEdu is a leading educational counselor specialised in Canada who can enlighten you about the Canadian
    education system, fee structure, the visa requirements, etc.

    Canada is always the number one choice to make when it comes to education and Indian students who are excellent in the field of education and training, are assured a great future in Canada.

  • study master in canada

    Study Master’s in Canada

    With an excellent background in education, when it comes to seeking a Master’s Degree, Canada is the best choice. World-class education enriched with values mold the students of Canadian universities. Being one of the top countries in the world offering outstanding education and training, Canada and the universities in Canada are the most sought out ones.

    Why Study a Master’s Degree in Canada ?

    • The universities in Canada are recognized globally and pursuing an education in Canada assures a strong reputation and recognition for the students.
    • The universities in Canada offer scholarships for students meeting academic standards.
    • The campus life at the universities in Canada is unparalleled. The amenities and facilities are open to all students, and the social life within the campus is excellent as well. From events to parties, the campus life under the Canadian Education System assures the growth and development of the potentials and skills of students.
    • Employment opportunity for students graduating from Canadian institutions is assured. Since the Canadian Education System is ranked top, globally, there is always a job for the students completing their education from the universities in Canada. It also helps to kick-start their career.
    • Research is vital for Master’s Degree students. Absolute support and scholarships are offered for research ideas for the students. Lecture assistance for academic projects is also offered. In certain cases, industries come forth to take the cost of the research study, if they find it catching.
    • Canada is a beautiful country with amazing weather. The place has much to show you and the sights are quite mesmerizing.

    Top Master’s Degree Universities in Canada

    With recognized universities across the country, Canada offers the best education for students. Some of the top master degree universities in Canada are

    • University Of Waterloo
    • Ontario
    • University Of Toronto
    • Ontario
    • McGill University
    • Montreal
    • Quebec
    • Queens University
    • Kingston
    • University Of British Columbia
    • Vancouver
    • BC
    • Concordia University
    • Montreal
    • Quebec
    • McMaster University etc.

    Study Master’s Degree in Canada

    There are a wide variety of streams for the students to choose from under the Canadian Education System. Each field of study has its own detailed curriculum delivered to the students by the excellent and specialized faculty of the universities in Canada. Some of the top Master’s
    Degree in Canada are:

    • Master of Global Management
    • Masters of Management in Finance (MMF)
    • Master of Fine Arts
    • Master of Medical Biotechnology
    • Master of Engineering Leadership in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering
    • Master of Engineering Leadership in Dependable Software Systems
    • Master of Theology (Th.M)
    • Masters of Management in AnalyticsMaster of Applied Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • Master of Health Administration (MHA)

    There are several other courses in varying fields of study. To know more about the courses offered for the Master’s Degree in Canada, the fee structure, the VISA requirements, contact NovaEdu. NovaEdu is the leading Canadian educational consultant offering assistance in the process of
    your international education.

  • Employment for International Students in Canada

    Canada offers world-class education to the students enriched with values. The training and education offered at the Canadian institutions mold the students for a greater career. With a strong reputation and recognition, the students graduating from universities in Canada are accepted worldwide.

    International students have an opportunity to work in Canada after their education. The friendly immigration policies in Canada make it easier for the students to work in Canada after their education. Students can also choose to leave the country for working in any other parts of the world. The global acceptance of the Canadian Education System has favored the students to a very long extent. Corporate houses and other institutions are all eager to take up students who have completed their education in universities in Canada.

    Canada provides students with the benefit of working while studying and another major benefit of staying back after graduation is to work. Canadian Education is worth it because of the opportunity provided for students to be part of internships and co-op programs during their education. It is not just a monetary benefit, but also an asset to their career that lies ahead. Students get contacts which will acquire them a secure job. Students get to deal with industry experience and real-world issues. The experience they get from the internships and other activities, during their education, benefits them the most while going for employment, as they stand a higher chance than other students or
    people looking for employment.

    Why work in Canada?

    Once the students have finished their course, they have 90 days extra, to stay back and look for a job and to apply for a work permit. They can either get a post-graduate work permit or a post- study work permit. The post-study work permit grants the students permission to stay back and work for a period upto three years, full time. Working in Canada has a lot of benefits. Some of them are:

    • An open job market with numerous openings and opportunities
    • Strict labor rules
    • Job security
    • Great working conditions
    • Equitable treatment for all despite the nationality
    • Payment is fair
    • Free medical services
    • Paving way to Permanent Residence
    • No age limit for working

    The employment opportunities in Canada for international students in their respective fields will make sure that the students do a great job and give their best. The post-study work enhances their performances and ensures the students get jobs in the best firms in Canada. The career in Canada is an asset to add to your resume. With the post-study work VISA, International students can easily get into jobs in Canada and mark the beginning of a wonderful career. To know more about the employment in Canada for international students, life in Canada, post-study work VISA, contact NovaEdu. NovaEdu is a leading educational consultant assisting you in the process of your international education.

    For more about Study in canada contact Nova Edu

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