Benson Paul, Chemical Engineering, University Of Waterloo

When I was in 10th my dad told me he will send me to Canada for my bachelors. I was very excited then we started the process a malayali would do. Visit all the agents in and around to get info and got registered with one agent. Surprisingly they were not able to give us correct info. Then we wrote a mail to the University and luckily they were coming to Bangalore and I went with my dad to meet them. Got the info and realized whatever info we had till now was wrong. We wanted someone good to help us in the whole process. It was a tedious work in Kerala with so many phony agents all over.
A neighbor whose son has gone through NovaEdu suggested Deepali Mam to us and we went not with any hope but not to disappoint our neighbor. Since we had info from University we thought we will check her knowledge. Bingo. The only person who gave the same info as the University was her and we realized we are at the right place.
We started the process at the right time, got admission in the University of Waterloo which I dreamed. Am very happy today and though it was tough initially now am in a flow and can say doing well. Thanks to Deepali Madam and of course my dad  !!!!